Wednesday, January 01, 2014

bye to 2013. hi to 2014

i juz realized this blog is left to just posts on resolutions for the various years...hahaa..but is always a good time to go through the past year and see what to look forward to in 2014.

2013 has been a year full of ups and downs. too many.
work was especially busy and hectic.loads of events and all. BUT i also learned a lot through all this hectic work...met a lot of new people along the way. strengthen bonds with my promoters and colleagues. still need to work better on all these relationship and continue to jiayou! i also was lucky enough to be able to travel to our china factory early in the year and bintan business trip...was a nice experience too!

 relationship wise, there were a lot of ups and downs. experience something real bad but a lot to learn from and it is also a good warning for me to never make the same mistake twice. of cos to open my eyes super big and to be more li zhi rather than just follow the heart.

been to several interesting trips in 2013. a spiritual and rewarding trip to Myanmar for 2 weeks. i learnt a great deal and rested my tired heart there. we should always reflect and be blessed that we have so much more compared to so many people. the place i went to is a quiet and nice town..simple and super chill. i super love it.

the other long trip would be our USA road trip. was interesting meeting new peeps and i think we made a great clique for travelling. managed to meet up with old time friend in San Francisco.super happy!!!! it was a nice and chill trip where we drop by random places and explore...and of cos we had maximum fun in vegas!!it was an unforgettable trip baaa

though there wasn't any cousins trip in 2013..we hang out so often and i feel that we are even closer than before...spent xmas eve and new year eve with all the lovelies...that was the best feeling ever!!!

oh yaaa..i got my driving license on my 3rd attempt!!! never give up really works!!!!!

so now on the first day of 2014....i shall have my usual list of resolutions to accomplish this year!!!
1. continue to spend more time with family
2. plan ahead and not procrastinate at work. JUST DO IT!!
3. must drive carefully often!!!! i dun wan my license to be some old antique chucked at one corner
4.start on food blog..something i always wana try tooo
5.continue to travel and explore different countries
6. to be more independent and stay firm on decisions more wavering of decisions...
7. njoy time alone
8.learn ukulele/guitar
9. follow through the things i have planned out myself :)))

once again though this is real cliche...but brand new year,brand new start!!! let's put the past behind me and move forward in a new direction. Continue to jiayou on being a better person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

resolution 2013

Quick recap for 2012

- closer bonding with family members after popo left us - cousins reunite and closer with family

- enjoying current job. learnt a lot of new things, managed working relationships and had opportunity to go  
   KL for a business trip.
- know a great bunch of colleague. drank qte abit tooo due to them!!!
- work,life and balance

- went for a couple of overseas trips - bangkok with cousins--> finally first time we are travelling together alone without our parents. super enjoyed it

- finally learnt driving!!! procrastinated for a very long time...hopefully can get my license next year

- taiwan trip with family and temple. had a few hiccups on the way here and there, but overall is still a fruitful trip. enjoyed to the fullest and had closer bonding with some of the temple girls

- attended a few close friends weddings this year. really happy for all the girlfriends :))

- a few ups and downs on relationship this year which made me ponder a lot this year. to take it slow and let nature takes it course is most important.

- continue having great food and company in 2012.

Resolution 2013

- strengthen family ties this year. show more concern and spend more time at home.
- continue to jiayou in my career this year. Be more proactive in things!!!!
-be open-minded and don't be afraid to try new things and meet new people
-get my driving license!!
-stay healthy..not to overeat too much
- travel around the world :)

Monday, October 15, 2012


It has been the longest time since i blogged.

Life has been great and very nice to me. But sometimes there will be something that u feel that is empty and not enough in your life. greed perhaps. Been through some ups and downs recently on one portion of my life.Clearly, it hasn't really been smooth for a period of time.

need to really ignore what is happening around me and focus on positive thoughts. be content with what i have and stay hopeful on things that could happen in future. Not over eager but slow and steady. Because the great things will happen to those that are patient i guess.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Recap and resolution

its the time of the yr again where we recap wad
we hv done in 2011 and wad to look forward in the nxt yr.

this has been qte a yr full of ups and downs.

- wrked a lot and really hard in Panasonic and learnt
qte a fair bit...really do give me a gd headstart in the marketing line. wad to do and expect. met a bunch of really nice friends and rlly widen my social circle a bit. even get to learn golfing frm my manager..was a cool experience.
left in Aug for a break.
- went to USA and visit xuannie.( is kinda weird for
not havin her ard for half a yr) tho it was kinda rush and all but still had a gd experience...was gd to visit the real campus in Buffalo other than just studyin in SIM. travelled to canada and NYC with xuannie + mama + 2 aunties..was a different kind of experience.
- had a long 2 mths break away frm wrk. enjoyed t
o the bits actually.
*went to help out sy..abit of part time. help papa at his ofc for a short while.
*attend qte abit of temple activities in KL,JB n of sg
*went to Myanmar to help out on temple activities..was a very diff experience..made me start to appreciate of wad we have cur
rently. we r really blessed to be staying in sg - somewhr dat has basically everything and we can live in comfort.
* had loads of random meetups wif gfs - to zoo, picnic, manicure/pedicure sessions n catchup tea time sessions wif friends.
*short batam trip wif xuannie n hui whr we juz nua-ed
our time thr.

- started new wrk at BSH. new experience and rlly took me so
me time to get used to wrkin life again. enjoyed too much in my 2 mths break. nw am still adapting and am blessed to meet wonderful colleagues still. know is kinda a small accomplishment but i finally conquered my fear and took the mummy ride in USS during my 3rd time thr.
- attended one of my close colleagues wedding. was really
sweet. and of cos had news of another close friend gt proposed...really happy for them

- just when everything was gg qte smoothly. sth impac
tful happened. popo passed away actually just last week -20th Dec. was sth that we sort of predicted cuz she is old but it came too fast still. was a crazy shocking news for all of us and it took me some time to accept that fact that she has left. then it was a busy wk to prepare all the arrangements for her funeral. first time get to learn all the nitty gritty parts on hw to handle this tingy.

tho it was sad and all..but during this period, families strengthen bonds. our cousin-ship came back. is like finally all 4 of us r back tog aft a long time and im sure popo is happy to c all of us gd tog. think popo left us an impt lesson - to cherish wadever we hv ard us cuz life is short and we dun wan any regrets if one dae we depart this world.

- last event of 2011. i fell and tear the ankle ligaments. :(
so nw im bai ka again..nxt time rlly need to be more careful.

2012 Resolutions
used to have this crazy long list of resolutions for the yr. but tis time ard gg to keep it simple.

- to CHERISH everyone and everything ard me especially my family
- to put in my 100% effort in wadever tasks im given
- to travel as usual with my loved ones
- to stay healthy and have a open heart.

dats abt it....lets hope 2012 will be a better year and another y
r dat we can improve ourselves even further. :)

HAPPY NEW YR in advance peeps.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

life is unpredictable

20th dec 2011. this is prolly the date im gg to rmb for life. my dearest granny at the age of 94 has moved on to another stage of her life.

it was rlly heart wrenching to c and to feel..prolly the worst feelin ever. glad dat my last words to her is nt sth nasty. whole process frm the dyin process to arrangin the funeral n den the last part her cremation mk me rlly start tinkin abt life n death again.

life is so vulnerable..a person can b reduced into ashes in such a short
timeframe. i guess it juz mk me start lto rethink hw much we need to cherish ppl ard the moment n do everythin gd dat do not leave behind any regrets...oso learnt dat we always shd nt keep holdin tings..lettin it go or forgivin is much more impt...

life is pt to argue or b angry over any small matters. wadever dat we hope or wana best to put into actions. to b still digressing the whole load of much to digest n tink thru..but i do believe dat popo will b at a happier place with no pain.

popo rest in peace ba..

Friday, September 16, 2011

Another phase in my life

yeapp..i left my last job again. I did hope to stay a little longer..that was the plan but yeap.... so rite now is a gd time for me to tk a gd look at the jobs that i will be applying..rethinking on hw i can reorg my life again. n since im kinda free, i will rlly wana accept any kind of challenges and try anything that i nv dare to try.

This should be life. i guess.

recently went thru some internal conflict in myself...some things i tot that i should have already moved on was actuali still around thr somehw. is amazing hw long these things can stay in you for such a long time.

i rlly need to move on. no more hesitation.

i need to focus on what i wana do before i get into a new job again
- spend more time wif grandma + family - charity and temple stuff
- hopefully i can overseas to accomplish dat

- learn sth (if cash permits) a skill or two
- learn things frm papa ofc
- disciplined to exercise and read -- have been failing to do dat recently.
- continue singing and singing

i can do it!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

1 mth more

another 1 mth more n im back to the jobless status. ( was a rlly short period thr)

mixed feelins in me.
sad cuz im kinda adapting to the environment n establish nice r/s wif colleagues.
relived n kinda lookin fwd to tk tings slow and relook at everythin again.

was gg thru all my old blogposts n i realised dat i actualli set loads of various goals i hoped to achieve.hmm..maybe out of 100%, only achieved like30-40% ba.
guess is a gd time for me to stop procrastinating, stop hesitating and juz do wadever i wana try soon ba!

kinda missed a bit of the good old times when everythin seems to be much simpler and easier. guess this is part of the growin up and rlly accepting responsibility as an adult ba.

need to hao hao jiayouuuu!!!! :)